Japan tickets booked. Japan ahoy!!

I’m feeling a bit giddy as it’s been 2 years since my last visit. I’ll be visiting the land of the rising sun around Hanami (花見). In other words cherry blossom viewing season.

Its probably the best time to visit Japan as the weather isn’t too cold nor too hot, its perfect British weather.

Keeping it short Hanami is when the the cherry blossoms bloom giving beautiful scenes that I can’t really describe in words. I feel it’s best to use pictures from my last japan trip to illustrate this. (I should really make a gallery from my previous trip to Japan. Check back soon :))

Hope you like my poor quality pictures :P, taken on a low budget camera 🙂

Picture 326

Picture 322

sakura trees

sakura trees

Here’s a link to Wikipedia with more information on this yearly event.

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