Website Launched

The launch of is now live. Although there is lots of work to do before I can say this site is fully finished I’m happy with phase 1.

Its taken me 3 years to actually get my new portfolio sorted. I guess it was the combination of designing a few concepts and not being happy with them, work getting in the way and well general life stuff. I still remember back in 2008 when I was going make a flash site. Times change quickly like with technology.

Below are some examples of my old concepts.I guess you can see my progression as a web designer. Very shocking designs, but we all have to start somewhere :P.

portfolio example 1

This was a very early design, I’d have to say early concepts seem great at the time, but with time they look awful 🙂

portfolio sample

A very old early concept

portfolio example 2

Originally a concept for a flash portfolio site. I intended to make several islands that the user would scroll to.

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    • ^^ thanks, need to add some extra stuff and fix a few things, but that can wait as I have earned myself a break ^^

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